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Status of Water Quality in India - 2012

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Water quality data from 2500 water quality monitoring stations, located on all important rivers, lakes including wells for groundwater assessment form the basis of National Water Monitoring Programme (NWMP). Get ambient water quality data of Aquatic Resources in India for 2012. The minimum, maximum and mean values of water quality parameters like Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen(D.O.), pH, Conductivity, Biochemical Oxygen Demand(B.O.D), Nitrate-N and Nitrite-N, Fecal Coliform and Total Coliform are provided in the dataset.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Dr Prashant Gargava
Member Secretary
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Environment and Forests
Central Pollution Control Board
  • +91 1122307078
Parivesh Bhawan, East Arjun Nagar, Delhi - 110 032