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mark thabah Suggested..
petrochemical production of India data (for studies)
Sector: Chemicals and Petrochemicals
25-04-2018 09:38:14
surabhi Misar Suggested..
agriculture dataset (i am ME student.i need for the reserch to process data)
Sector: Agriculture
25-04-2018 03:45:28
All state and city in india
Sector: Census and Surveys – ORGI
25-04-2018 03:37:17
Naveen Korpal Suggested..
Police Stations & Judiciary (It will help lot of indians)
Sector: Others
25-04-2018 06:26:10
Vishal Menon Suggested..
State-wise or All India Khasra Girdawari or land records data for kharif and rabi crops
Sector: Agriculture
24-04-2018 05:03:32
shiva reddy koti Suggested..
Data collected under Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP). Particulary S, P and L form (Analyse teh pattern for getting relation between different datasets collected in IDSO)
Sector: Health and Family welfare
22-04-2018 09:23:15