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Yogesh Kulkarni Suggested..
Daily Fuel (Diesel/Petrol/Kerosene/LPG) prices across major cities by different Oil marketing companies (Indian oil corporation, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum). Uses - Realtime transportation cost calculation and optimization.
Sector: Petroleum and Natural Gas
02-07-2018 04:06:15
Symptoms and diseases dataset
Sector: Health and Family welfare
27-06-2018 08:08:55
Pavithra Suggested..
Holding company and subsidiary company details country wise, Annual returns (Analysis of investment in Indian companies)
Sector: Commerce
27-06-2018 05:34:48
Chetan Ashtivkar Suggested..
I want data of FIRs registered in a particular police station in a particular time frame. (I want to analyse it to say if the area around it safe.)
Sector: Home Affairs and Enforcement
26-06-2018 04:33:32
Pushpendra Singh Suggested..
Pincode Locality City District State (just to validate the city codes)
Sector: Post
26-06-2018 12:47:40
Nubair Alvi Suggested..
Repository of all the updated acts, rules, circulars, and notifications. (Provide access to acts, rules, etc. to the general public.)
Sector: Governance and Administration
25-06-2018 10:57:09