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Female headed households by predominant materials of roof and wall of census houses occupied by them

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The female head of household for census purposes is a person who is recognised as such by the household. She is generally the person who bears the chief responsibility for managing the affairs of the household and takes decision on behalf of the household. The head of household need not necessarily be the oldest male member or an earning member, but may be a female or a younger member of either sex. In case of an absentee de jure Head who is not eligible to be enumerated in the household, the person on whom the responsibility of managing the affairs of household rests was to be regarded as the head irrespective whether the person is male or female. Predominant materials of roof and wall are Grass/thatch/bamboo/wood/mud etc., Plastic/ Polythene, Hand made tiles, Machine made tiles, Burnt brick, Stone/ Slate, G.I./metal/asbestos sheets and Concrete of census houses occupied by them.
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