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District Level Household and Facility Survey (DLHS-4)

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The District Level Household and Facility Survey (DLHS-4) is a nationwide survey which was conducted during 2012-13. The ever-married women’s questionnaire contained information on women’s characteristics, maternal care, immunization and childcare, contraception and fertility preferences, reproductive health including knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The village questionnaire contained information on availability of health, education and other facilities in the village, and whether the facilities are accessible throughout the year. The health facility questionnaire contained information on human resources, infrastructure, and services. For the first time, a population-linked facility survey has been conducted in DLHS-4. All Community Health Centres (CHCs), District Hospitals and Sub Divisional Hospitals were covered. Further, all Sub-Health Centres and Primary Health Centres (PHCs) which serve the population of the selected PSUs were also covered.It contains district wise data on population and household profile, percentage of households having electricity, improved source of drinking water, having access to improved toilet facility, use clean fuel for cooking, mean age of marriage for girls and boys and percentage of currently married women married below age 18 years and 21 years, characteristics of women, fertility, current use of family planning methods, Unmet need for family planning, quality of family planning services, antenatal care, delivery care, percentage of women who received JSY benefits, percentage of women who had any pregnancy complication, any delivery complication, any post-delivery complication, problem of vaginal discharge and menstrual related problems, percentage of pregnancy resulted in live birth, still birth, induced abortion and spontaneous abortion, child immunization, child feeding practices, birth weight, awareness about Diarrhoea, awareness about ARI, treatment of childhood diseases, awareness of RTI/STI and HIV/AIDS, utilization of government health services, birth registration, personal habits, reported prevalence of morbidity, reported prevalence of chronic illness during last one year, Anaemia status by Haemoglobin level, blood sugar level and hypertension.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Shri D K Ojha
Deputy Director General (Stats)
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health and Family Welfare
  • +91 911123736982
Room No, 314, 3rd Floor, IRCS Building, New Delhi