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Digital Seismotectonic Atlas of India and its Environs

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Seismotectonic Atlas of India and its Environs comprises 43 number of SEISAT sheets on scale 1:1 million. The geographic base in this publication was taken from the International Map Series prepared by the Survey of India and tectono-stratigraphic base generated from various thematic maps published by the GSI. The geophysical, structural and geothermal data relevant to seismotectonics were superposed over the base maps. The epicenters of 19,504 earthquakes of magnitude (Ms/mb) >= 4.0, pertaining to a period from 1897 to 2009 and compiled from various catalogues such as ABE, BCI, CFR, CGS, GR, ISC and USGS-NEIC, have been used in it. The Fault Plane Solutions of 1292 important events of Mw >= 4.6 that occurred during the period between 1977 and 2009 have been obtained from HRVD source []. The faults in the Atlas have been categorized on the basis of tectonics and seismic activity. The Bouguer Gravity contours in the land surface and Free Air Gravity counters in the Sea have been presented in mgal. Depth of crystalline basement below the Sediment and Deccan Trap cover, the Moho depth and bathymetry contours have also been given.
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Name: Shri Praveen Kumar Sinha
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Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Mines
Geological Survey of India
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