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Details of Cattle by Age, Sex and Use in Rural and Urban combined (Livestock Census)

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Get data on details of Cattle by Age, Sex and Use in Rural and Urban combined. Cattle means Bulls, bullocks, cows, calves, male and female buffaloes and buffalo calves. Exotic Animals: Animals which are developed in other countries are described as exotic animals. The most important exotic dairy cattle breeds in India are Jersey and Holstein Friesian (HF). Cross-bred Animals: Animals which are produced by crossing indigenous animals with exotic breeds or indigenous animals which have exotic inheritance are described as crossbred animals. Indigenous Animals: Animals which belongs to descript/non-descript breeds of indigenous origin. Livestock census actually covers the census of livestock, poultry, implements and machinery used for livestock rearing. It is the only source for providing various kind of detailed information for these groups. Livestock Census conducted in every five years in India. India has largest livestock numbers in the world.
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