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City And Town-wise Average Access To Drinking Water

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The quality of water and its distribution are areas that require special attention in the Eleventh Plan. The data refers to the status of city/town-wise access to drinking water. Facilities are almost absent in a large number of unauthorized and resettlement colonies and slum and squatter settlements. At certain places, cost incurred by the poor to fetch water is much higher than for valid connection holders. Waste water and sewage treatment and its reuse for non-potable purposes and industries are also limited and need attention. Moreover, cattle menace, open defecation, dumping of solid wastes along roadsides, open dumping of medical and hazardous wastes, etc. are commonly sighted. Concerted efforts are required to fill these gaps and make cities clean, healthy, and livable.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Dr. Ashok A. Sonkusare
Joint Adviser (S&T)
Ministry/State/Department: NITI Aayog/Planning Commission
  • +91 11 23096669
Yojana Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001