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Bio Monitoring Field Protocol

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This application is a tool for the biological assessment of surface water bodies and training purposes for the people who monitor the biological aspects of surface waters using the predefined biological parameters present in the water bodies. The application itself provides step-by-step guidance for Bio-monitoring. The sampling site specific information is automatically updated by the application. The application allows adding various details including pictures through a simple data entry format. Once the data is entered, Saprobic score, Diversity Score and Biological Water Quality Class with color indicator are displayed. The application will serve the needs of the researchers, students and pollution control authorities for field monitoring of biological aspects of surface water bodies.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Dr Prashant Gargava
Member Secretary
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Environment and Forests
Central Pollution Control Board
  • +91 1122307078
Parivesh Bhawan, East Arjun Nagar, Delhi - 110 032