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Annual Health Survey : Woman Schedule

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Get data on Annual Health Survey : Woman Schedule. Woman Schedule comprised two sections. Section-I contains information relating to the outcome of pregnancy(s) (live birth/still birth/abortion); birth history; type of medical attention at delivery; details of maternal health care(ante-natal/natal/post-natal); immunization of children; breast feeding practices including supplements; occurrence of child diseases (Pneumonia, Diarrhoea and fever); registration of births, etc. Section II focused on information on pregnancy; use, sources and practices of family planning methods; details relating to future use of contraceptives and unmet need;awareness about RTI/STI, HIV/AIDS, administration of HAF/ORT/ORS during diarrhoea and danger signs of ARI/Pneumonia. It also includes more information relating the Ever Married Women (EMW) like conception details, usage of NPT kit, registration of pregnancy, health problems and subsequent treatments during ante-natal/natal/post-natal period, cost incurred by the woman during delivery etc.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Mrs Nivedita Gupta
Chief Director (Statistics)
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health and Family Welfare
  • +91 1123736983
Indian Red Cross Building, 3rd Floor, New Delhi 110001