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Annual Health Survey : Combined Household Houselist information

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Get data of Combined Household Houselist information under Annual Health Survey. It contains data of all 3 rounds of AHS Survey i.e Baseline, First Updation Round and Second Updation Round. The survey is conducted in all EAG States namely Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh and Assam. During the Base line Survey in 2010-11, a total of 20.1 million population and 4.14 million households and during the first updation survey in 2011-12, 20.61 million population and 4.28 million households have actually been covered. The second updation survey (third and final round) covered a total of 20.94 million population and 4.32 million households in 2012-13. Despite being restricted to 9 States, the AHS is the largest demographic survey in the world and covers two and a half times that of the Sample Registration System. Data includes various Indicators like Whether usual Resident, Date/Month/Year of Birth, Age, Religion, Social Group, Marital Status, Date/Month/Year of first marriage, Attending school, not-attending school, Highest educational qualification attained, Occupation / Activity Status during last 365 days, Whether having any form of disability, Type of treatment for injury, Type of illness, Source of Treatment, Symptoms Pertaining to illness persisting for more than one month, Sought medical care, Various Diagononsis, Source of Diagnosis, Getting Regular Treatment, Person Chews/Smoke/Consume Alcohol, Status of House, Type of Structure of the House, Ownership status of the house, Source of Drinking water, Does the household treat the water in any way to make it safer to drink, Toilet facility, Household with electricity, Main source of lighting, Main source of fuel used for cooking, Number of dwelling rooms, Availability of Kitchen, Possess Radio/Transistor/Television/Computer/Laptop /Telephone/Mobile phone/Washing Machine/Refrigerator/Sewing machine/Bicycle/Motor/Scooter/Moped/Car/Jeep/Van/Tractor/Water Pump/Tube Well/Cart, Land Possessed, Residential Status, Covered by any health scheme or health insurance, Status of Household.
Chief Data Officer
Name: Mrs Nivedita Gupta
Chief Director (Statistics)
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health and Family Welfare
  • +91 1123736983
Indian Red Cross Building, 3rd Floor, New Delhi 110001