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Annual Budget for Different Technology Cluster of DRDO

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Formulation of overall DRDO budget based on the assessment made from the analysis of demands received from labs/estts.Allocation and Priority based enhancement of allocations (where necessary) of funds to labs/estts/programmes/high value projects. Formulation of Revised Budget Estimates (RE) based on review of expenditure status, additional demands against existing and new schemes and projection to MOD (Fin) alongwith the Forecast Budget Estimates (FBE) for the next Financial Year. Formulation of Modified Appropriations (MA) reports based on the final expenditure trends and unforseen demands received (if any) in the months of February. Compilation of expenditure returns received from labs/estts/programmes and actual compilations from CDA / (R&D)CGDA.Continuous budget monitoring based on commitments and cash outgo status in respect of CCPA programmes, high value projects, high budget labs/estts and re appropriation of allocations whenever required .Initiation of corrective actions based on expenditure trends for adjustment of expenditure bookings. Analysis of expenditure returns in respect of Central Purchase (CP) booking and resolving wrong and unidentifiable bookings. Compilation of various periodical reports/returns for Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Finance and compilation of various MIS reports to facilitate decision making at DRC level .Preparation of Budget Performance Analysis document to enable review of events of the year and initiate corrective action in the system wherever required.
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Name: Shri. Gopal Bhushan
Director, DESIDOC
Ministry/State/Department: Ministry of Defence
Department of Defence Research and Development
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