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Ravinder Kumar Bhatia Suggested..
Registered MSME Units in Kanpur (Used to Fill Questionnaire for Ph. D. Research Work)
Sector: Industries
14-06-2018 09:34:47
GANGIREDDY Suggested..
NEWLY COMMENCED companies, firms, business and entities details (For that know the growth of our economy and i try to learn from those ones.)
Sector: Commerce
14-06-2018 03:35:53
Pallavi Suggested..
List of companies that went under the revival process with BIFR and emerged as revived independent companies.
Sector: Commerce
14-06-2018 11:25:16
Bhawana Gupta Suggested..
is data on water consumption in various industries available? (needed in research project)
Sector: Water Resources
14-06-2018 12:08:00
Deepesh Suggested..
Railway booking data (Help in planning of new route and introduction of new trains)
Sector: Railways
13-06-2018 01:32:49
J.S.hamlai Suggested..
Updated Notary data as the data available is only until 2016 (we need to verify the registration numbers of the notary for ID verification of our clients as a KYC procedure)
Sector: Judiciary
12-06-2018 06:58:46