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Tamil Nadu

Industries in details 2015
Installed Capacity, Generation and Purchase of Electricity, Length of HT lines, Transformers and SS, Consumption, TNEB Capital Budget details in 2015
Area under Forests, National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Forest based Industries, TANTEA Coonoor and Arasu Rubber Corporation details in 2015
Fisheries Development, Marine fish and Inland Fish Production, Fish and Fish Products Export details in Tamil Nadu in 2015
Animal Husbandry Infra details, Dairy details, Estd Milk production details, Meat and Egg Production details in 2015
Crops Production details, Soil Classification, Land Utilisation, Regulated markets details in 2015
Water Supply Status, Drinking Water Supply Status, Rural and Urban Water Supply Performance in 2015
Irrigation details in 2015
Climate and Rainfall details in 2015
Vital Statistical details in 2015


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