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The catalog contains data regarding Cotton/Man-made fibre textile mills (Non-SSI), production of various Industries in the State, registered factories and workers employed in Haryana.
The catalog contains data regarding hospitals, dispensaries, patients treated and staff employed. It includes area covered per Institution and beds per lakh of population, indoor and outdoor patients treated by diseases in Government Institutions in Haryana.
The catalog contains data regarding contains information relating to police, crimes and administration of Prisons. The data given in this section have been collected from the Director-General of Police, Haryana and Director-General of Prisons, Haryana. It includes police stations and police posts, sanctioned strength of police force in Haryana.
Meteorological data given relate to district-wise average annual and monthly rainfall in Haryana.
The catalog contains data regarding contains includes information relating to Loans and Grants disbursed to persons belonging to Harijan Community as well as progress of various pension schemes in Haryana. It includes loans and grants disbursed to persons belonging to Scheduled Caste community by purpose and source, Progress of old age samman allowance, widow pension, disabled pension and Ladli Social Security Schemes in Haryana
The catalog contains statistics relating to electricity in the State of Haryana. Haryana is the first State in the country to achieve 100 per cent electrification of all its 6841 villages and 154 towns (according to 2011 census). It includes data on L.T. and 11 K.V. lines.
Registration of Births and Deaths is compulsory in Haryana State under Civil Registration Scheme and is governed by Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 enacted by Government of India which was enforced in Haryana in 1970. In addition, information on birth and death rates is also collected under Sample Registration Scheme. The data collected under Sample Registration Scheme is more reliable because there is under coverage in the Civil Registration Scheme.
The catalog contains data on education in the Haryana State. It includes literacy, Classification of recognised high/senior secondary schools by management and recognised Institutions.


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