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Water Resources

is data on water consumption in various industries available? (needed in research project)
Narmada annual rainfall data from 1981-2010
Hi, I'm a student of Australia, can I download the dataset for my analytic assignment (do my assignment on business analytics - range river quality data)
water pipeline data mumbai city (web application mapping water pipeline)
Groundwater Level of Each District (It will help to aware the people to stopping wastage of water as people do not the value of Water)
dataset with water consumption of a particular area along with the level of water tank designated to that area with label yes or no whether the water was sufficent or not
Ground water table information, helps in town planning in better way and reduce crowding and deplete natural resources speedily it is restored in a natural way
This is a OGC compliant Web Map Service (WMS) created by Survey of India from Open Series Map (OSM) Data on 1:50,000 scale and Panchromatic imagery of Bhuvan for Andhra pradesh . These rich data sets can be integrated with any other OGC compliant Web Services to make it more meaningful and solve real life problems. The whole OSM map data is organised in 8 themes which can be made on /off with the tools provided in layer menu. The transparency of the Bhuvan Imagery can be changed by the user as per the requirement using the tool available under layer menu of the India geo-portal.
The data refers to village wise distribution of deep tubewells according to the farmers holding size.


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