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I wish to have a total number of mopeds, motorcycle and scooter population on road statewise as on 31st March 2018 or 2019 (Latest) (For doing the Analysis on Motor cycle industry)
Data of two wheeler accidents with and without helmet
All types of taxes in different states on motor vehicles for own registration or registration from different state (final year thesis)
Hi, Is it possible to show the traffic information dataset? Like which street (in metropolitan cities) has how many vehicles traveling per hour, which kind of vehicle travels at a given hour - ex. cab, bus, car, etc. I am sure most of these data can be obtained from google maps. It would be great if these data can be exposed to us. (I want to analyse Bangalore Traffic Problems)
Automobile production and registrations data - district-wise, vehicle-wise, model-wise, rto-office-wise, from 1980-2019
Data set of roads in cities of the state and accidents occurrences and reason of accidents so that we can analyze it and alert drivers on road or we can find some various methods to avoid an accident on the road (I am student and will use it non-commercially in wale-fare of society)


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