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Science and Technology

hi need India's political map with state borders
data for temperature (csv file data)
air quality across 1000 cities in India
I want rainfall data for using R&D purpose of Atmospheric sciences
State wise temperature and rainfall data from 1950 to the present. (I will use my research work. I am working in the field of economics of climate change. So, I need this data.)
District wise seasonal mean temperature data from 1998 to 2015 of India for academic purpose.
weather data of chennai of 2018
Dataset soil parameters (Soil type, ph value, temperature, rainfall, moisture, phosphorus and nitrate) for Final year project.
Last 10 years weather reports district wise (To understand relation with crop production wastage due to flood ect)
Daily rainfall data of mysore district over 5 years. (I am a lectrurer, I am pursuing M.Tech in hydraulics , I want to calculate Runoff from curve no method.)


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