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Road Transport

In the present work, Internet of Things (IoT) is used to solve the common commuting problems in public and private buses existing in our towns and cities. Our main focus is to provide such a system to the commuters which will reduce waiting time for the bus and will provide them with all necessary details regarding the arrival/departure time of the bus, its real location and number of people in the bus. For solving all the above problems, we are using the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on each of the buses and connecting them via gateway to the server.

public buses data (To judge which are the peak hours on a particular route and divert public commutation effectively to manage traffic. This would lead to less congestion, better public transport and decreased pollution. The same can be achieved without increasing buses.)
Contact details of Deputy Managers, Branch Mangers / Assistant Managers(Operation) of various Depots of SETC
Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC), Salem: Location of Depots
Vehicle Owner details: Name, Number, Email for all vehicle owners (Provide a platform for Roadside Assitance and other Value added services)
data related to bmtc busses
respected authorized person. if there is any data or information relevant to speed breakers, then I will be very well obliged to attain it since I am a final year student of civil engineering with the project related to speed breakers. thank u very much. (I want to use it for my project)
looking for vehicle owner data , where users easily find vehicle owner detail want to create android app
government Bus schedule data (to create my website with the govt. details)


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