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The data refers to details on financial results of Indian railways which includes gross traffic receipts, Working expenses, depreciation reserve fund, pension fund, net revenue etc from 2006-07 to 2012-2013.
The data describes summary of railway statistics such as route open for traffic, net earnings, number of passengers carried, railway staff employed at the end of year, number of persons killed and train kilometres.
The data indicates details on revenue and expenditure of the Railways in respect of which government is financially responsible.
The indicates about All India level and Zone-wise details on number of passengers originating, load of goods carried and earnings derived there from by Railways.
The data indicates about the details on number of passengers, railways servants and other persons (persons killed due to trespass and suicides) killed and injured in railway related accidents according to nature of accidents.
The data describes details on financial results of government railways which includes capital-at-charge at the end of year, railway capital fund, gross traffic receipts, operating expenses, depreciation reserve fund, pension fund, net traffic receipts, net revenue, surplus or deficit, etc.
The data describes the details on gross traffic earnings of Indian Railways from coaching traffic (passenger traffic and other coaching traffic), good traffic and other miscellaneous earnings.
Get the data regarding overall details on capital-at-charge, gross earnings, working expenses, net earnings, percentage of working expenses to gross earnings and percentage of net earnings to total capital-at-charge of Indian Railways.
Indian Railways should publish their static data which can be used for travel search such as: * List of stations names, codes, their latitude/longitude/altitude, division and zone * List of train numbers, names, train type, frequency, classes available * Complete train schedules with arrival and departure time at all intermediate stops. This should include passenger trains as well as express/mail/rajdhani/shatabdi etc. This is fairly static data which needs to be updated only once per year.


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