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Dear Sir, Kindly consider updating the dataset to reflect the addition of Telangana and the split of the districts and PIN codes thereof. with regards -Indranil Das Gupta Kolkata, WB.
Gunter dist pincodes
Mapping data for postal coverage, electoral constituencies, etc.
Need database of all pincodes of india with bifurcation of rural & urban
The data refers to statistics of Indian Money Orders Issued and paid in India (in lakh) and amount of Indian Money Orders Issued and paid in India (in Rs. Crore). It also provides similar data related to Foreign Money Orders issued & paid in India - Outward paid (number) including amount thereof for both inward and outward money orders for all India.
The data refers to data related to receipts and deductions to the heads of account of various services like postage, money orders and service postage stamps etc.
The data refers to data related to number of post office savings banks, depositors and amount of deposits in savings account. It also provides data related to number of depositors (in thousands), amount deposited and withdrawn (in thousands rupees) along with balance thereof.
The data refers to data related to Estimated Number of Postal articles handled (excluding money orders), number of speed posts and express mail, total mail traffic etc.
The data refers to data related to estimated number of total mail merged traffic handled in post officeS. Traffic includes letters, packets, parcels, newspapers etc. this also include letter cards and insufficiently paid letters.
The data refers to year-wise general statistics related to post offices, inclusive of audit and accounts establishments. Data relate to ordinary and telegraphic inland money orders issued and foreign money orders issued and paid.


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