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Parliament Of india

Need KPI details for measuring performance of MPs e.g. attendance in each session, questions asked, debates, bills and so on! This will help to show citizens of India that MPs who are active and who are inactive in parliamentary activities
attendence of mp loksabha13/14/15

This application helps you to know the attendance of your representative in Parliament, These representative are MEMBER of RAJYA SABHA and LOK SABHA. You can search them by their NAME,STATE and CONSTITUENCY.

The data refers to details on the total number of days each member signed the member's attendance register in session of Lok Sabha.
Each Session of Rajya Sabha starts from the date of commencement of its first sitting and concludes when the House is prorogued by the President.The Sessions are given consecutive numbers. Generally during a year three sessions of the Rajya Sabha are held, as follows-First Session (Budget Session) held between mid or late February to mid May has a Budget break from mid March to mid April to enable Department-related Committees to consider and report on Demands for Grants of the various Ministries. Second Session (Monsoon Session) is generally held in mid July to end of August.
i need data regarding partywise position in rajya sabha during 2004 to 2010. Also the same for recent years of rajya sabha. (1952,1962,1970,1975..). Pl. i need it very badly for my research. thanks
(Hindi) Parliamentary Bulletin Part II contains items of general interest to members. It is published in intersession as well as during session, and includes: (a) Constitution/reconstitution and changes of membership of Committees, (b) Reference of Bills to Committees, (c) Motions admitted as no-day-yet named motions (during session), (d) Election, resignation of Members, vacancies etc.
(Hindi) This provides information on party-wise Lok Sabha Members.
(Hindi) The data refers to Special Mentions provided by the members of Lok Sabha. It gives details on the basis of Member ID or Member of Parliament (MP) code and session number.


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