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Datasets that are outputs from the egovernance websites like income tax, electricity bill payment
Data on Milk Procurement by various state dairy cooperatives. This data is available for FY10,FY11 and FY12 in NDDB annual report (2011 and 2012) but not available before that. Milk Production (Total) is different from Milk Procurement (Only quantity procured by Dairy Coop). Source will be NDDB.
1) Monthly River streamflow/discharge data for past years 2) Monthly Temperature and Rainfall data for various River Basins in India for past years. 3) Location (Latitude & Longitude) of weather stations in different river basins of India. 4) Wind speed data for river basin.
list of minority as per per percentage state wise in india
Please include Retail diesel prices in major cities of India, on monthly basis. Currently this is available only on yearly basis. This will help in assessing the impact on inflation etc.
GIS linked data related to quality of life indicators (health, santation, education, economic activity, social equity, law and order, physchological well being, freedom of expression etc.) that can help develop Gross National Happiness indicators for each electoral constituency in India.
I need separate production of fabric from 2000-01 to 2011-12 of powerlooms only
Information regarding vehicles 1. Stolen vehicles - chassis no, engine no, registration no, etc . 2. No of pending chalans on a vehicle so that a second hand buyer can verify.
Hi, I seen your website. I satisfied with all information but still i need the product wise (All Inorganic Chemicals) export-import data for country wise. Thanks
i am a agricultural researcher .i could not acess land utilisation (9 fold classifn etc)details at block level in tamil nadu. kindly arrange .urgent.kindly mail the web link address.


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