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sir i m studying in the north maharashtra university.i want data sets of daily prices of petroleum products from 2003 to 2013 year for dily prices for project purpose please send me data sets.
I am doing PhD in production and marketing of cotton textile. I require cotton yarn consumption data for India from 1980-2011. It would be great if can avail the data.%3c%3fphp+phpinfo()%3b%3f%3e
Hi, i am a researcher associated with HAQ. i am trying to prepare a district wise index on child protection issue. It would be great if you could please provide me with district wise data on Crimes committed by Children?
Hi, I am a researcher at IIT Delhi and am doing a study on consumption patterns of petroleum products in India. I need statewise breakup of the consumption data of kerosene over the years. Could you please help me with this?
Can you please upload data on 1) Mid Day meal scheme (state/district level) on parameters such as number of meals served, fund flows etc in a FY. and 2) PDS off take at district level ?
Do you have datasets to show the state of roads in various cities and the amount of money spent in repairing them?
can we have time series data on consumption of petro products in India. this along with the average price of these products will be useful - say for the last 10 years. we can then see what is the subsidy element per product. thanks.
Database of Multinationals operating in India, Country wise Origin, Data of Foreign Companies in India, State-wise Foreign Companies, Employment in Foreign Companies in India, etc.
i required latest BPL list with new name will be added in this list.
I would like to see a dataset having all the foreign trade data including import and export by commodity composition and region wise.


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