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Would it be possible to get weather and historical weather data sets for India.
Latur (MH) District rainfall records for last 5 years
ward or Block wise Tribal population of all the districts of Jharkhand
Hi Team., Looking for reported Fire Incidents/Accidents from 2000 to 2013 across the Nation ., which would help in understanding the capabilities and measures to mitigate the same (Both Rural & Urban including Borders)., Thanks for the Forest Fire Incidences across all the states of India for the years 2008 to 2011 (19KB)..
List of all known villages, classified lauka and district wise.
Mean Seasonal temperature of states in India
Kindly give me the datails of the maximum number of graduate voters in Lok sabha constituencies of India
The quinquennial Employment and Unemployment surveys of National sample Survey (NSS) are the primary sources of data on various indicators of labour force at National and State levels. These are used for planning, policy formulation, decision support and as input for further statistical exercises by various Government organizations, academicians, researchers and scholars. NSS surveys on employment and un-employment with large sample size of households have been conducted quinquennially from 27th. round(October 1972 - September 1973) of NSS onwards.
National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) conducts surveys on HOUSEHOLD CONSUMER EXPENDITURES ON a thin sample of households and a quinquennial survey on a large sample of households. Household consumer expenditure is the sum total of monetary values of all the items (i.e. goods and services) consumed by the household on domestic account during the reference period. The programme of quinquennial surveys on consumer expenditure and employment & unemployment has been adopted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) since 1972-73.
Kindly Give the details of Handicapped Persons in India their Employement, Education, Budjet and Promotions in state and Central Government Polices.%3c%3fphp+phpinfo()%3b%3f%3e


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