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Geo location based New Pension System Data across all Central Ministries, State Governments, Autonomous Bodies(State + Central), Settlement details
Geolocation based data for all cities. As we have a list all pin codes of all cities, we can add the latitude and longitude with them to have complete geolocation based information of every city in India.
requirement of child sexual assault data from October 2012 till present
List of all the NGOs working for environment
Can we have list of Public Libraries (State, district, Taluka, Rural etc) in India in each of states and UTs?
Waste management updates of all states and union territories
Fatal accidents in Delhi Ncr with time stamp and location of accidents. Also the type of vehicles involved.
Number of internet connections per lakh of population by state. Distinguish urban from rural
Growth potential of every sector and opportunity ( in future )in INDIA


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