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Please do provide the details regarding goods (including currency,electronic items,gold etc)that NRI people can carry during their fly to/from india.
I suggest a dataset of assets,Properties, income and expenditure of all Ministers of State And Center. How much Amount they get for the development of their areas from the government and what is the actual amount they use for their areas. Thanks. Best wishes for this one of the best move.
A dataset of all UN agencies working in India, their area of work and programmes and project being implemented by them would be useful for many of the social engineers.
To enable access to data of Govt and third party spending in social sector. This includes Foreign funds received by NGOs, country, purpose, spent where and how to reach them.
Rehabilitation missions taken so for (or as far as possible) with their result statistics.
I am a Research Scholar in the Area of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSME). One of the greatest Challenge I have got is to get the cumulative figures of growth in the sector viz,. Employment, Capital Investment/Layout, Number of enterprises, Number of Sick Units, Bank Outstanding to the Sector, Status on Support from Government (both State & Central), Various Schemes and their outstanding, Cluster Development, Industry Associations etc. at District Level. I want to have a DATA SET which gives all this data at the District level at least.
Water we receive from Nepal for irrigation purpose and for producing of electricity. Its quantum during Rainy season and in other. The loss occurs to cultivated land on annual basis.
Suggest you to prepare, standardise, and publish a list of states assigning three letters to each state. 3 letter state name code together with PIN will make movement of mail, parcels, etc much easier as well as allow for standardisation of address fields in multiple forms. In fact, similar code for districts could also help a great deal.
Please give details regarding the number of passengers flying between two cities from india to any airport in the world to which the city has direct flight service which is to be month wise
Postal Address of all places - popular places/houses based on City / Pincode. This data can be in XML/JSON or exposed as API and should be refreshed every month. It would be great if some one can build an API around this. Local Navigation/GPS Makers can use this to increase coverage of navigation.


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