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Would like to know the import volume and shipped from of Alloy wheels to India. (Discussing with Indian potential partner to establish a plant in India)
Please send us the price trends for Aluminium Composite Pane, Polycarbonate and Paper (To analyse for Project Report purpose)

Bhukosh is the GIS Portal of Geological Survey of India with URL, which facilitates search, explore , visualise and download maps and data of GSI. For this users have to get registered and make UNIFIED SEARCH for three categories of available geo-science data stored in the repository: 1) Geological Maps, 2) GSI Reports and 3) Geophysical Data. Search engine provides filters based on Key Word Search and State-District-Toposheet based Bounding Box Search.

mining industry (executing and knowing about that dataset)
The data refer to the Index of Mineral Production as like coal, Manganese Ore, Bauxite, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Dolomite, Limestone and Diamond, Chromite, Apatite, Ball clay etc. in India.
Get Data on year wise Expiry of Mining Leases and Leasewise area ( in hect. ). Data has been generated by Indian Bureau of Mines.
The data refers to the performance of Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM) under various Schemes during Twelfth Five Year Plan and beyond that. Various schemes are Inspection of Mines for Scientific and Systematic mining, mineral conservation and mines environment, Mineral Beneficiation Studies – utilization of low grade and sub-grade ores and analysis of environmental samples, Technological upgradation and Modernization,Collection, processing, dissemination of data on mines and minerals through various publications.
A dataset containing the number of deaths that have taken place during mining over the years, the expenditure kept apart to ensure safety of workers in mines


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