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Labour and Employment

The data refers to Employment In Insurance sector (Life insurance and General insurance) for the period 2001-01 to 2010-11.
The data refers to figures of Employment in Railways for the period 2000-01 to 2010-11 for the different railway zones in India.
i m a research student of economics for this i need data of working age ratio of different states of india from 1961 - 2012.and also per capita NSDP of india .please send me the above data i urgently need this.rply soon
Sir/Madam Most respectfully to state that the schedule of the 50th round on employment and unemployment of National Sample Survey is very much needed for me. I am not able to find it among the attached documents. I request you kindly to upload a copy of the above.
I am in need of the details of the 27th round of NSS on employment and unemployment including report and the questionnaire.


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