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Labour and Employment

This catalog contains key indicator related to national accounts such as GDP , NDP, GVA, etc , Economic Statistics - broad category and State wise establishments and employment , National sample Survey - Unemployment , Labour Force, Work population, etc.
At present 51 Employment Exchanges are functioning in the State of Madhya Pradesh, 45 as District Employment Exchanges, 1 Town Employment Exchange, 1 Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped Persons, 1 Project Employment Exchange, 1 Coaching cum Guidance Centre for SC/ST, 1 Employment Exchange - Extension counter and 1 Directorate office.
Is there any data set or any compiled statistics data for unemployment in skilled labour and unskilled labour of India
Is there any data set or any compiled statistics data for unemployement in skilled labour and unskilled labour of India
Child labour in different states in different districts in each state
plz do provide an app for employment of candidates as per their education and experience.
Labour cost is one of the most significant factors for studying the economic viability of any industrial activity for an entrepreneur before venturing into the industrial field. It helps in reliable costing, wage fixation on a realistic basis, logical collective bargaining, evolving implementation and evaluation of welfare measures, study of trends over a period of time, location of industry, etc. Labour Cost data are also important for policy formulation at the national and regional levels.
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) international standard definition of unemployment is based on the following three criteria which should be satisfied simultaneously: without work, currently available for work and seeking work. Data contains Unemployment Per 1000 Persons.
Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on a contract, one being the employer and the other being the employee. Persons who, during the reference period, are engaged in any economic activity or who, despite their attachment to economic activity, have temporarily abstained from work, for reasons of illness, injury or other physical disability, bad weather, festivals, social or religious functions or other contingencies necessitating temporary absence from work constitute workers or employed.
National Skills Dataset with skills and job requirements across india - state, district and city wise


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