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Health and Family welfare

Data collected under Integrated Disease Surveillance Program (IDSP). Particulary S, P and L form (Analyse teh pattern for getting relation between different datasets collected in IDSO)
I want to get huge amount of datasets related to healthcare sector. (I will apply machine learning and AI algorithms to these datasets in order to generate results that can alert us people of which area, age group, gender are likely to have which disease and hence we can plan for the future)
I need dataset of the diseases and the it was cured by either following in the treatment of allopathic , ayurvedic and homeopathy. (Build predictive modelling to analyze and decide which treatment method should be used for the type of disease)
Dataset of emergency department volume flow in government hospital (forecasting using previous data as project purpose)
Government health expenditure across India from first five year plan to 12th five year, state wise spendings.
percentage of Primi-gravida mothers out of total mothers delivered. Latest data on this available from MCTS or RCH will be helpful
I need a healthcare datasets across Tamilnadu for doing my project.So please do send the datasets as soon as possible.
Dataset for Delhi, healthcare facilities.
maternal mortality ratio (or) survey in statewise
List of drugs approved in india manufatured locally or imported, along with prices and packaging (To know the drugs sold in drug store are legal or not)


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