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Health and Family welfare

Can you please provide latest data related to Cancer. There are plenty of datasets available but all of them are till 2014 or 2015. Can you please provide data for the year 2016-2019
indian epidemic dataset
Birth rate in different years of India
Daily stock details of Blood Bank (Phd thesis on the "Study of Inventory and Distribution of Blood Supply chain")
List of All Hospitals pan India (private and govt) and list of blood banks (Create an app for easy blood availability and encouraging donation.)
Malaria and TB related data from past 5-6 years (We are doing a project on healthcare analytics to create a prediction model for occurrence of diseases in states depending on the conditions)
Drug Reaction APIs, I am looking for api where i can find a particular medicine did not take with another medicine which can be harmful or any other serious reaction in body. Basically Drug/Medicine Reaction API (I am planning to create an Android Application, where i want to show when ever a user will check a medicine report or side-effect than i want to show its reaction if you took that medicine with other medicine or other food which is not good for that drug.)
collection of symptom that predict disease (R&D)
No. Live birth in palwal district and CHC data (Research)
heart attack data amongst indian citizen since 1970's


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