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Health and Family welfare

Hello I am looking for a pulmonary function test data set. I want to find out a pattern related to this. (To do exploratory data analysis, CNA to auto detect asthma).
birth and death rate of pune district urban center
List of dentist in Gujarat.
symptoms + disease dataset (based upon symptoms to predict the disease)
1. Life expectancy at birth at city level 2. Under five Mortality rate at city level 3. Vaccination Coverage at city level 4. Maternal Mortality at city level
Health Management Information System. Number of Institutional Deliveries
i need infant mortality rate during the last decade in indian states/ut
Dataset which contains the info of diseases found in India , their symptoms and cure for them . Purely for educational uses. (Its for educational uses only . The info is useful in my BE project. )
Mandal wise dengue data sets for chittor district (I am doing project regarding the dengue prediction by using machine learning techniques)


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