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Data of indian marine fisheries sector
Detailed information is given that covers information on fisherman population, fishing crafts at coastal states and UT levels. It covers details of brackish-water area, area developed for aquaculture, area under culture and production.
It contains list of codes of states and districts.
The data refers the Indices of Wholesale Prices Fish & Food Articles.
Data refers to broad coverage of contribution of India in world that includes contribution in production of fish, percentage of contribution. It has detailed information on Marine and Inland fish production and statistics from other countries.
It includes information on two main verticles marine fisheries resources and inland fisheries resources. It gives information on number of landing centers, number of fishing villages, number of fisherman families, river and canals in km, reservoirs, tanks & ponds and total water bodies etc.
Data refers the plan outlays and expenditure for fisheries development over plan and plan outlays and expenditure under state sector schemes, seventh to eleventh plan.
It has detailed information regarding the man power trained at CIFNET, Kochi, training of overseas candidates. It reflects the achievement of National Institute of Fisheries Post Harvest, Technology and Training Project and Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training.
Data refers to the major and minor fishing harbours. It includes information about fish harbours at major ports, details of plan outlays and expenditure, number of minor fishing harbours and fish landing centres that constructed/ commissioned/ Under construction.
Detailed information is provided about the exports of marine products that includes various verticals like trend in exports marine products, exports of marine products by category, export of marine product by market, value of exports and port-wise information of marine products. It covers quantity and values of product.


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