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I have a dissertation as a part of my undergraduate studies at the university of warwick and required the dataset for the 7th all India education survey.
There is no place where I can see accredited universities / colleges / course information. can govt release it?
Scholarship distribution among the student is under heavy corruption it will be better if some more transparency is added to it by making it online. And linking it to aadhaar will be a great. I got some info here : is it real?
Name of students who got scholarship under Welfare of Backward Classes pre-matric/post-matric or any other scholarship scheme of govt so that it will transparency and a student will not avail more than one scholarship
Please provide data sets of DISE 2011-12
dataset of all graduates in india
Provide a data set of all the approved university/ institution affilaited to these Universities or some central organisation ministry/coursesoffered/ approval, affilaition certificates for the courses offered , validity of approval etc..
It will be important to see the data of how much research and how frequently the CBSE department does its course evaluation and updates to prevent teaching outstanding syllabus (especially in modern studies like Computer Science).
Please publish the following data sets: 1. Details about public schools built in india since independence 2. Details about hospitals built in india since independence 3. Electroral lists: since independence, or atleast since a decade.


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