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Please i want... in karnataka taluk bhatkal all info with details. (i just want to know students detail and percentages)
All school information with it's fees private as well as government. One website that show all details. so i will take admission to right school and its fees are fixed
Need data set of current school admissions in Navi Mumbai (find the pattern of people moving towards international schools)
Expenditure on education with primary secondary and teritory
expenditure on education
i want to government develop staff details with school and college database that helps to stop managerial corruption.
The catalog contains data on education in the Haryana State. It includes literacy, Classification of recognised high/senior secondary schools by management and recognised Institutions.
Kindly request you to provide dataset of Teachers district wise, including categories like qualification, primary, secondary, higher secondary, teacher student ratios, school teacher ratios, teacher student drop out ratios and others available.
Get data on Special Courses and Programs conducted by Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership (GCNEP). GCNEP facilitates deliberation and discussions of international experts on various issues including innovation in nuclear reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle, development of proliferation-resistant reactors, security technologies and the effects of radiation exposure.
The data provides the details of male and female teachers in position on Full time or Para/Contract basis in Rural/Urban/Total area at All India level in all the 35 states. Para Teachers are those teachers who have been appointed in primary and upper primary schools either on contract or on terms and conditions different from the regular teacher cadre.


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