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Governments budget and its expenditure on education for all levels - elementary till higher education for last 5 years
Number of en-rollers and graduates from college classified according to their courses. from 2011 till 2018
State-wise and Grade wise teachers payscale in india from 2011 till 2018
Tamil Nadu schools list
The dataset of all the MOOC(Massive Open Online Courses) run under NPTEL/SWAYAM is required so as to make the virtual university concept more practical and to strengthen and move forward in the direction of the digital india movement. I want to predict the dropout students at an early stage so as to prescribe the timely solution for at-risk students so that they can continue and do not dropout. As MHRD is putting lots of efforts in imparting the education through online mode. It will attract more online learners.
Activity related to poshan abhiyan
How many teachers are there in India asper 2018-2019?
All the UIDAI updates


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