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change in crop patterns due to rainfall pattern changes
The data refers to field crops varieties released (Central release) in India. It also includes details on Type of Crops, Crop Variety, Sponsoring Authority, Season/ maturity duration in days Recommended Zone.
Get list of field crops varieties/ hybrids released and notified in India. The list includes the varieties of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, sugar crops,fiber, grasses, commercial crops and under utilized crops released.
The data refers to quantity and value of export and import of lac and its value added products in India.
The data refers to annual real prices of agricultural produce from 2004-05 to 2011-12 for the WPI base year 2004-05.
The data refers to information on gross capital formation by pubic sector in agriculture & allied sector and subsidy expenditure during Tenth and Eleventh five year plan period.
The data refers to annual average growth rate for major crops during Pre-green revolution, Green revolution, Early Liberalization, and during Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh five year plan period.
The data refers to data on year-wise damage caused due to floods, cyclonic storm, landslides etc. The Data pertaining to disaster management statistics during last twelve years.
The data refers to the information about the field crops varieties released by centre during the year. The dataset contains the name of the field crop, name of the variety released, the duration of the variety, and the recommended zone of its production.
The data refers to information about the Field Crop Varieties released and notified during the year (State Release) by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Department of Agricultural Research & Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.


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