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List of UK based companies in India(companies headquartered in UK and have their subsidiaries in India)
We need the data for 20 years of MSME companies with their financial performances. (Research at IIT kharagpur)
Can data on manufacturers in different categories (phone manufacturer, tv manufacturer, etc) with greater profit per unit time, number of units sold per unit time be created, it seems to allow knowing in least time, the top manufacturer, from which we Indian customers can buy. We were now buying carton box manufacturing machine, but couldn't find data on the top manufacturers.
List of registered MSMEs in India and their financial statements
List of companies government organisations and non government organisations having ISO certificates. There should be complete ban on fake ISO certificates.
indian import export database
Get data on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Equity Inflows for various sectors.
The data includes average number of monthly export and import combined transactions handled at different major ports of India. The data source is DGCIS, Kolkata.


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