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Animal Husbandry

The data refers to information about year wise Outlay and Expenditure under Assistance to Cooperatives Scheme (A to C). The scheme is being implemented by the concerned District Cooperative Milk Unions/State Dairy Federation. The Central grants under the Scheme are to be provided to the Milk Unions/Federations through NDDB.
The data refers to information about Plan wise allocation and actual expenditure under Assistance to Cooperatives (A to C) Scheme during Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Plan. The main Objective of the Scheme is to revitalize the sick dairy cooperative unions at the district level and cooperative federations at State level. The scheme was started on January, 2000.
The data refers to year wise total Outlay and expenditure under CMP Scheme. The objective of this Scheme is Improvement of milking procedure at the farmers level for production of quality milk. This scheme was started during the year 2003-04 (October 2003) with a total outlay of Rs 30.00 crore for the Tenth Five year Plan. It is being continued during the 11th Five year Plan as a merged scheme together with Intensive Dairy Development Programme(IDDP) with a total plan outlay of Rs 225.00 Crore (IDDP & CMP) and budget provision of Rs 30.00 Crore for CMP during 2013-14.
The data refers to information about year wise Production and Per Capita Availability of Milk in India.
The data refers to information about livestock diseases in India during the calendar year. It provides details on Species-wise incidence of outbreak, attack and deaths due to animal diseases of various species like bovine, ovine/caprine, buffalo, etc.
The data refers to State/UT wise information on annual fish seed production during the financial year.
The data refers to State/UT wise information on annual fish production during the financial years.
The data refers to the outlay and expenditure of the MoA and its three departments, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC), Department of Animal Husbandry and Department of Fisheries (DAHDF) and Department of Agriculture Research and Education (DARE), which implement plans and programmes for development of agriculture and allied sectors.
The data refers to details on Gross Capital Formulation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing in the Agriculture and Allied Activities Sector during tenth and eleventh five year plan period at 2004-05 prices.
The data refers to figures on the quantity of fish catch by disposition from 2000 to 2010 for Marketing/Fresh, Freezing, Curring, Canning, Reduction, Misc. Purposes and Offal for Reduction.


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