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Sir, we have an applied production analysis research project, we need data fro cotton for 10-15 years across states. For instance we need input of cotton, say irrigation, fertilizer and labor used in cotton in different states and years. Our objective is to look for productivity decomposition in various states. Please help me with this.
District-wise Nutrient content and Type of Soil in Tamil Nadu (Final year major project to analyse and create a model for predicting rice crop yield based on climate and soil conditions using Artificial Neural Networks.)
I am writing you for an obligation to provide us dataset on Agriculture for creating Artificial Intelligence model. We are in need of dataset that has district level crop production for a minimum of 10 years along with soil (for each district ph levels and and irrigation techniques).
Please sent district wise spices area, production, productivity in 2008 to 2019 (Research purpose)
ICAR Technology Repository consists of technologies generated by ICAR institutions in the areas of Crop Improvement, Natural Resource Management, Fisheries, Veterinary, Dairy, Animal sciences, Horticulture, Engineering and Social Sciences.
I want to do research on disease prediction or recognition for crop near sangli/ miraj area or maharashtra (i dont know may be agriculture department or agro scientist must be having at district level)
I need the production statistics of agriculture for the year 2017-18, 2018-19. for all crops. (i want to add it in my research thesis)
area production productivity of agricultural and forestry crops
Sir,I am scholar at NIT Trichy, my area is agriculture.i need plant disease dataset to work with. please can you help me to provide this dataset (I want to apply deep learning techniques to detect diseases in leaf or plannts)


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