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Get data on Telecommunication performance in various parameters like total phones, wireline phones , wireless phones, phones in rural and urban area, public and private Phones. Data also contains percentage of these parameters to total phones, teledensity, and number of broadbands.
Get Telephone subscribers trends in India. Data shows the comparison of telephone subscribers trends on different parameters i.e Wireline Vs wireless, Public Vs Private Sectors, Rural Vs Urban Areas. It also contains data of service area and operator wise telephone subscribers across India.
Data shows the Foreign Direct Investment in Telecom Sector. FDI is the process whereby residents of one country (the home country) acquire ownership of assets for the purpose of controlling the production, distribution and other activities of a firm in another country (the host country). 100% FDI has been permitted in all telecommunication services.
Data contains Internet Subscribers, Average Revenue per User and Minutes of Use per User. Average revenue per user (sometimes known as average revenue per unit), usually abbreviated to ARPU, is a measure used primarily by consumer communications and networking companies, defined as the total revenue divided by the number of subscribers.
Telephone density or teledensity is the number of telephone connections for every hundred individuals living within an area. It varies widely across the nations and also between urban and rural areas within a country. Telephone density has significant correlation with the per capita GDP of the area.
Telephone lines are fixed telephone lines that connect a subscribers terminal equipment to the public switched telephone network and that have a port on a telephone exchange. Integrated services digital network channels and fixed wireless subscribers are included. State wise no of telephone lines has been furnished in the data.
The data refers to all India (from 2004 to 2011) and state-wise (2010 and 2011) details on the number of telephones (including wireline phones and wireless phones) in India.
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