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This web service provides Crowdsourced Mobile Data Speeds and other network information measured using TRAI MySpeed App.

Train usage statistics throw adequate light on optimum use of the trains which are run on the system. It has to ensure that a) the train is given as much load as possible within the maximum permissible limit, keeping in view the hauling capacity of engines and the strength of tracks, bridges, etc., and the length of the loop lines on the sections, etc. b) The train should move as quickly as possible so that maximum amount of revenue earning work is done. c) The trains are not unduly detained at likely places of detention.
Data of Average speed of goods train has been provided here. This unit is worked out by dividing the figure of goods train kilometers by the goods train engine hours. The time occupied in halts at enroute stations and shunting during the run is included. The train kilometre indicates the amount of productive work done and the train engine hours are the unit cost for train working. A combination of these two units, i.e. train kilometres per train engine hours is a good index of efficiency in train working. Any increase in the speeds of trains indicates improvement in train operation.
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