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Get details of State Code, District Code, Area Name, Age-group, Total Persons, Total Males, Total Females, Rural Persons, Rural Males, Rural Females, Urban Persons, Urban Males and Urban Females at India, States/UTs and District level.
The data refers to details of State Code, Distt.Code, Area Name, Total/Rural/Urban, Age-group, Total number of disabled persons/Persons/Male/Females, In seeing Persons/Persons/Male/Females, In Hearing Persons/Persons/Male/Females, In Speech Persons/Persons/Male/Females, In Movement/Persons/Persons/Male/Females, Mental Retardation/Persons/Male/Females, Mental Illness/Persons/Male/Females, Any Other/Persons/Male/Females, Multiple Disability/Persons/Male/Females at India, States/UTs and District level.
The data refers to Projected population characteristics(Population,Sex ratio,Population density,Population by broad age-group,Proportion (percent),Median age,Dependency Ratio,Population growth rate,Crude Birth rate(CBR),Crude Death rate (CDR),Infant Mortality Rate (IMR),Under-5 mortality rate,Total Fertility Rate (TFR),Life expectancy of males,Life expectancy of females) of India.
The data refers to Population Growth- Crude Birth and Death Rates and Sex-ratio.
The data refers to All India and State wise average daily employment in factories according three broad age-categories and sex is shown in this table. The information relates to only factories submitting returns. The factories act,1948 defines adult (one who has completed 18 years, adolescents (one who has completed 15 years but not 18 years) and child (one who has not completed 15 years and children below 14 years are not permitted to work).


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