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Get data of Bhuvan Applications, Hyper spectral Images from Remote Sensing Satellite IMS-1, The Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS): Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Resourcesat-2, Ocean Wind Velocity, Ocean Wind Stress Curl, Ocean Wind Stress, Water Bodies Fraction, Model Derived Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential, Model Derived Depth of 26°C Isotherm, Ocean Heat Content, Tropical Cyclone Heat Potential, Albedo derived from Oceansat-2 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM), Vegetation Fraction derived from Oceansat-2 Ocean Color Monitor (OCM), Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) derived from Ocean

Bhuvan is an online geoportal, that was released in 2009, which initially focused on image and map visualisation services but has diversified over a period of time. However, the versatility and diverse applications on Bhuvan platform have grown over a period of time. This has resulted in dramatic increase in its user base, services and outreach. There are more than 20,000 unique visitors every month, about 2.5 GB of data transfer occurs every day, and about 2,60,000 products downloads so far.
The data refers to All India (1987 onwards) and State-wise (2009 and 2010) data in Sq.Kms. on forest cover estimates (first to twelveth cycle).
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