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Get data on Telecommunication performance in various parameters like total phones, wireline phones , wireless phones, phones in rural and urban area, public and private Phones. Data also contains percentage of these parameters to total phones, teledensity, and number of broadbands.
Get Telephone subscribers trends in India. Data shows the comparison of telephone subscribers trends on different parameters i.e Wireline Vs wireless, Public Vs Private Sectors, Rural Vs Urban Areas. It also contains data of service area and operator wise telephone subscribers across India.
Teledensity, which denotes the number of telephones per 100 population, is an indicator of telecom penetration in the country. Data describes the tele density percentage on different parameters viz rural, urban, Wireless, Wireline, Public and Private.
Get the data regarding ROC-wise statistics of prosecutions. The data has been published by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
The data describes details on Economic- Activity wise Active Non-Government Companies. Data has been published by The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.


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