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Number of pregnant women tested during ANC visits and found with Hemoglobin (Hb) less than 11 g/dl during the reporting month. Only those cases are to be reported where the Hb was measured by a Haemoglobinometer or any other acceptable laboratory method. Cases identified only by examination of eyes are not to be recorded. Data Source for this data element is Antenatal Register (Pregnancy Register, Laboratory Register) and the reporting is applicable to all health facilities.
Total number of pregnant women who have received the second dose of TT immunization (TT-2) or Booster of TT during the reporting month. This indicates number of pregnant women who have completed TT immunization for the current pregnancy. The second dose is to be given one month after the first dose but, preferably, at least one month before the expected date of delivery. If the woman has received two injections during previous pregnancy (in last 3 years) a single dose of TT is given and it would be counted as TT Booster.


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