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The catalog Fleet, Personnel and Financial Statistics 2015-16 contains Annually Operating Traffic Statistics and other Performance Indicators relating to Scheduled Traffic, Fleet Strength and Utilisation of Aircraft, Aircraft wise Fleet Statistics, Personnel Statistics, Staff Strength, Employees Productivity, Fleet Size, Financial Results, Operating Revenue and Operating Expenses per Revenue Passenger Kilometre Performed.
The catalog Air Traffic Statistics 2015-16 contains Annual/ Month wise various operating and traffic parameters viz, Aircraft utilization, Passengers Carried, Passenger kilometre performed, Available seat kilometre, Cargo Carried, Tonne kilometre performed as well as passenger and weight load factor.
Coaching vehicles are the railway vehicles used for the carriage of persons.Indian Railways run a number of different types of coaches, with different patterns of seating or berths, depending on the class of travel. Electric Multiple Unit (EMU)are the multiple unit trains consisting of self-propelled carriages, using electricity as the motive power. Rail cars- are self propelled vehicles the prime movers of which are internal combustion engines Inforrmation of coaching vehicles - Broad gauges, Metre gauges, Narrow gauges and all gauges is available in datasets.
Suburban traffic is the passenger traffic moving in metropolitan areas (at present in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai) where special concession rates for season tickets are applicable. Passenger traffic of Kolkata Metro is also treated as Suburban traffic. Non-Suburban traffic represents passenger traffic other than suburban traffic. Passengers originating means number of passengers booked from each gauge of the railway. Passenger kilometre is the unit of measure of passenger traffic corresponding to the conveyance of a passenger over a distance of one kilometre.
Data of Operating Statistics is available under this catalog. Train kilometer is the unit of measure of distance which corresponds to the movement of a train over one kilometer. Passenger Train Kilometrage is to include the kilometrage of : (a) trains scheduled to convey passengers including passenger proportion of mixed or other traffic booked at coaching rates, and (b)empty trains running to provide necessary stock for passenger including passenger proportion of mixed and other coaching traffic.
The data refers to an overview of Growth Projections for the Twelfth Five Year Plan: Passenger and Cargo Traffic Forecasts for Indian Airports.
The data refers to an overview of passenger traffic projections of Indian Railways for Twelfth Five Year Plan.
Performance of Passenger Business of Indian Railways during Eleventh Five Year Plan - Twelfth Five Year Plan Document. The data refers to an over view of the performance of Indian Railways in passenger Business during 11th Five Year Plan.


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