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Get data of Expenditure on Research and Development by Industry Groups for MSMEs. The data is collected and compiled as a part of National Survey on R&D resources by DST, New Delhi, Government of India. Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are defined in terms of investment in Plant & Machinery, Micro Enterprises investment does not exceed twenty five lakh rupees, Small Enterprises investment more than twenty five lakh rupees but does not exceed five crore rupees, Medium Enterprises investment more than five crore rupees but does not exceed ten crore rupees.
Get State-wise and industry-wise distribution of enterprises by Principal Characteristics. Principal characteristics have been classified as employment, original value of plant & machinery, market value of fixed assets, gross output, total input, gross value added, net worth etc.
State-wise and industry-wise distribution of employment in unregistered sectors by gender ,social category and type of enterprise have been provided in the data. The data has been sourced from Fourth All India Census of MSME 2006-07: unregistered Sector. It includes detailed information on Female Employment ,Male Employment, SC Employment, ST Employment, OBC Employment and Others Employment.
State-wise and industry-wise distribution of enterprises by main source of energy has been provided in the data. Main source of the energy has been classified into Coal, Oil, LPG, CNG, Electricity, Non-Conventional Energy, Traditional Energy, Firewood etc.
State-Wise Entrepreneurship Profile have been furnished by type of owner and by religion of the owner.It provides distribution across Gender(Male and Female), Caste (SC, ST, OBC etc) and religion ( Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist and others).
State Wise Distribution Of Enterprise By Type of Enterprise has been provided in the data. Enterprises have been classified as Micro enterprises, Small enterprises, Manufacturing/ Assembly/ Processing enterprises, Service enterprises, Repairing & Maintenance enterprises,Perennial enterprises, Seasonal enterprises, Casual enterprises, Proprietary enterprises, Partnership enterprises, Private Company enterprises, Public Ltd. Company enterprises, Co-operative enterprises, Others enterprises, Not Recorded and total enterprises.


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