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Basic Animal Husbandry is an annual publication of the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries. It contains useful information such as estimates of major livestock products like milk, egg, meat and wool, livestock population of different species by age sex and uses Gross value added of Livestock sector, incidence of diseases, export and import of Livestock Products, infrastructure in Livestock sector etc.
Get data on details of Pigs by age and sex in Rural and Urban combined for Exotic Crossbred and Indigenous. Exotic Animals: Animals which are developed in other countries are described as exotic animals. Cross-bred Animals: Animals which are produced by crossing indigenous animals with exotic breeds or indigenous animals which have exotic inheritance are described as crossbred animals.
The data refers to details on coal stock position of Thermal power stations. The monthly details include Plant Capacity (in MW), Monthly allocation of coal, opening stock, receipts, monthly consumption, closing stock (in '000 tonnes).
The data refers to the details of Subsidy given to the Fertilizers like UREA (Both Indigenous and Imported), P and K (Both Indigenous and Imported) etc in each year.
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