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List of Government Health Facilities in Meghalaya namely Hospital, Community Health Centre, Primary Health Centre, Sub-Centre, Dispensary, Urban Health Centre
The data refers to state-wise plan outlays and expenditure.
The data refers to details on Eleventh Plan targets, baseline level in the beginning of Eleventh Plan and recent status of the targets available so far.
The table presents selected statistical indicators for India in terms of population and health, agriculture production, basic economic data, foreign trade, education and research & development. The data are taken from the DST, New Delhi and Economic Survey, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.
Total number of pregnant women who have received the second dose of TT immunization (TT-2) or Booster of TT during the reporting month. This indicates number of pregnant women who have completed TT immunization for the current pregnancy. The second dose is to be given one month after the first dose but, preferably, at least one month before the expected date of delivery. If the woman has received two injections during previous pregnancy (in last 3 years) a single dose of TT is given and it would be counted as TT Booster.
Number of still birth recorded from Pregnancy Register/Labour Room Register at Sub-Centre, Community Health Centre, Primary Health Centre, District Hospital, Sub-divisional Hospital during the reporting month. Complete expulsion or extraction of baby from its mother where the foetus does not breathe or show any evidence of life, such as beating of the heart or a cry or movement of the limbs. In case the foetus dies in the uterus after 20 week or during labour/delivery, it will be reported under still birth.


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