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Get data of Daily Aadhaar Generated by Registrar and Enrolment Agency, District-wise Daily details on Aadhaar Generated, Daily Details of Enrolments Processed and Aadhaar Generated by Gender and Age.

Get Employe Statistics of Department of Legal Affairs. It contains break up of employees as per Gender, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, other backward classes, ex-servicemen, physically handicapped and etc.
The data refers to major Socio-economic Indicators of States of India which includes Per Capita Net State Domestic Product (NSDP) (Rs.) at 2004-05 prices, Growth in Per Capita NSDP at 2004-05 prices (%), Growth rate in GSDP-Total, Growth rate in GSDP-Agriculture, Growth rate in GSDP-Industry, Growth rate in GSDP-services, Area (Sq. Km.), Population (crore), Population Density (Per Sq.
Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school, and that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful. Data contains the percentage of de jure (According to the Law) children age 5-14 years, who were engaged in household chores, family work or in paid/unpaid work for an someone who is not the member of the household. Data is disaggregated by Gender, Social Groups and major religion communities.
Number of teachers who are enrolled in training schools. A teacher is a person who is directly engaged in instructing a group of students. Head of the institution is counted as teacher. The research guiding staff, demonstrators, tutors and Directors of Physical Education & Physical Training Instructors will also be shown as teachers. Teachers registered as research scholars will be shown as teachers. However, research students doing teaching work will not be treated as teachers. Similarly, laboratory attendants, library clerks, game instructors, etc.
Gender parity index (GPI) is ratio of the female-to-male values of a given indicator. A GPI of 1 indicates parity between sexes.
Back series of enrollment in class I, which is used to calculate the drop out rate.
State and Post-wise number of male and female non teaching staff (based on actual response) has been provided by Department of Higher Education. Gender and group wise (Group A, Group B, Group C and Group D) break up is also available in the data.


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