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Mineral-wise industrial injuries categorized by number of accident and injuries and further categorized by fatal and serious. A serious accident is one where one or more persons have received serious bodily injury, which means any injury which involves, or in all probability will involve, the permanent loss of any part or section of a body, or the permanent loss of or injury to the sight or hearing or any permanent in capacity or the fracture of any bone or one or more joints or bones of any phalanges of hand or foot.
The data refers to state-wise data about wages and earning of factory workers in India.
The data refers to the wages and earnings of mining labour in coal and non-coal mines. The data for coal mines relate to average weekly earning of miners and loaders in December each year whereas those for other mines relate to average weekly earning of miners and loaders for the quarter ending in December each year.
The employment relate to persons employed directly or through any agency, whether for wages or not, in any manufacturing process or in cleaning any part of the machinery or premises used for a manufacturing process or any other kind of work incidental to or connected with the manufacturing process or the subject of manufacturing process. The average daily employment relating to a factory is derived by dividing the total attendance (man-days worked) during a year by the total number of working days during the year.
The data refers to Employment (Number of estates and average daily number of workers) in Plantations (Tea, Coffee and Rubber) for the period 2000 to 2010.
The data refers to Employment In Insurance sector (Life insurance and General insurance) for the period 2001-01 to 2010-11.
The data refers to figures of Employment in Railways for the period 2000-01 to 2010-11 for the different railway zones in India.


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