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Get data on Telecommunication performance in various parameters like total phones, wireline phones , wireless phones, phones in rural and urban area, public and private Phones. Data also contains percentage of these parameters to total phones, teledensity, and number of broadbands.
Data shows the trends of internet subscribers which includes wired, fixed Wireless and Mobile Wireless. Segment wise ( Broadband and Narrowband) figures have also been provided in the data. Broadband includes Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Point-to-Point Radio & VSAT.
More than 1 Lakh Community Service Centers(CSC) with Broadband Connectivity are envisaged. These are last mile kiosk for providing e-services to citizens. The CSCs have been established in PPP mode where Service Center Agencies(SCA) have been selected to run the kiosk. District Wise CSC Roll out details are provided in the dataset.
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